Wednesday, May 31, 2023




Idle game. I played for more than one year.



Price: Free to play game


Game Play: 3/5

Graphic: 4/5

Easy/Hard: 1/5 ( Easy to play)

Play Time: Unlimited

Steam Achievements: No

Steam Trade Card:No


Monday, May 29, 2023

やがて君になる Op 君にふれて

 I love this song very much.

Just sharing.


原作:仲谷 鳰 (「月刊コミック電撃大王」連載) 


Sunday, May 28, 2023

Glory & Miserable Survivors DX


Glory & Miserable Survivors DX

Each heroine is a strong warrior in a different branch of the military, and she alone can hold off the approaching armies. What awaits the heroines is either a great victory or a desperate disaster...


Pixel art game, just for fun and relex. 

I do not think this as a R18 game to play, the elements are not much.


Game Play: 3/5

Graphic: 3/5

Easy/Hard: 2/5 ( Easy to play)

Play Time: 8 hours

Steam Achievements: Yes

Steam Trade Card:No



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#ScarletSoraHK  23/10/2022 Cosplay event in Hong Kong

Free game - TGV Voyages Train Simulator


 Free game - TGV Voyages Train Simulator on Steam!

- untill 2/6/2023

Get it now!

TGV Voyages allows you to experience high speed train travel through the French countryside in Train Simulator. This is a standalone version of Train Simulator that has limited content. See below for more information.The high speed railways of France, dominated by the iconic TGV® Duplex, are brought to life in the breathtaking new Ligne Grande Vitesse: Marseille Saint-Charles to Avignon-TGV route for Train Simulator.